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Ceat Tyres

ceat tyres

    ceat tyres
  • CEAT Limited is a tyre manufacturing company based in Mumbai, India. CEAT is an abbreviation for Cavi Electrici Affini Torino (Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin).

Old Lawson Tyre Shop

Old Lawson Tyre Shop

Olympus Trip 35, Agfa Vista 400

I've a couple of different shots with different cameras and different film. This one is with the Trip and some of the no longer German made Agfa Vista 400 (A favourite of mine)

Thought I'd photograph this wonderful piece of Australiana before they bulldoze it to make way for a two lane highway. I have to wait for Sundays when there's no cars in front of it.

Go BIG to see the grime and the grain. :)

IMG 3981

IMG 3981

parts, original spare & CEAT tire, have a new SAVA whitewall for spare but cannot find tube. new Casa cable kit, new coil, NOS cylinder shroud and both original shrouds for bike.

ceat tyres

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